Welcome to Central Alberta Martial Arts & Wellness Centre (CAMA) & The Centre for Peaceful Living



The Central Alberta Martial Arts & Wellness Centre / Ctr for Peaceful Living is a not-for-profit Centre committed to empowering children, youth, and adults through the tradition of the martial arts and other complimentary wellness and life skills programs, such as life coaching, personal development workshops, meditation, thai yoga massage, community service, and international humanitarian projects, to name but a few. With this in mind, it is crucial that support is in place to bring these experiences to fruition and to ensure the sustainability of these programs and overall vision.

At this time, it has come to pass that the Centre will close on December 31st, 2012.

We thank you for your time, love, energy, and spirit. To help lift your spirits and celebrate your many contributions please take note and rejoice in all the wonderful things you—the students, families, and community members—took part in to make the world a better place; for this is the true meaning and role of the “Peaceful Warrior”…here are just a few of your many contributions...thank you, Samurai!

* Project: World Help - martial art students donate over 200 sunglasses to the kids in Nepal for the prevention of cataracts.

* Random Act of Kindness - martial art kids bake and create over 100 goodies and kindness cards for local food banks.

* Pennies for Pushups - students challenge themselves in completing numerous pushups to raise money for World Vision. In the past 6 years, $15,000 dollars and 10,000 pushups have been achieved!

* A Cure for Diabetes - over $700 raised to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes

* Scholarships for Kids in Need - over $30,000 given to children in need in martial arts and leadership training

Martial Arts Students also partake in Community Clean Ups, Mentorship and Leadership Coaching, Bully Awareness & Compassion Building Lessons and Activities that inspire and empower and truly reflect what the martial arts way is all about...

Thank you once again for all of your support over the years.

We wish you peace, light, and love on your new adventures to come...thank you

Central Alberta Martial Arts & Wellness Centre