Bully Awareness: B.F.R.E.E!

"Bully Free Rewards and Empowers thru Education"©


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The Central Alberta Martial Arts & Wellness Centre is committed to helping all children and youth of Central Alberta put an end to bullying. The Bully Awareness Workshops serve as a safe-forum, for children, parents and educators, to openly discuss issues that many children and youth face and to explore solutions to this growing problem.

The B-FREE Team is made up of Karate Students between the ages of 6 to 15 years of age. They meet on a monthly basis to discuss bullying and other violent issues that they have either witnessed or have been of victim of. TOGETHER, they collaborate on solutions to help create a peaceful world. These solutions are then presented to other children that make up CAMA, including local schools and communities...and because the Workshop is presented by Kids to Kids, it makes for a powerful lesson.

The B-FREE Team has a positive message, which is COMPASSION. They believe that COMPASSION is the key to creating a bully-free, peaceful and accepting world. Their unique workshop is guaranteed to open your hearts and your minds to this growing, yet solvable challenge. Participants of the workshop learn about the importance of believing in a world that can be peaceful; learning to respect everything around us; encouraging yourself and others through powerful words and actions; and, educating yourself about other cultures and worldly events. Once again, these are important ingredients that lend way to creating and embodying COMPASSION.

Additional Topics Include:

* Assertiveness Strategies to Challenge and Prevent Bullying - this involves discussing the precepts of self-respect and realizing that children, adults, educators and community members have the power to create positive change.

* Information to help students realize that defending oneself is not just something one does physically.

* Strategies to increase self-confidence and awareness.
Remember that a bully is not only in elementary school. We deal with bullies and violence as adults, whether it be a neighbor, a family member, or a business associate. Therefore, the skills that this workshop provide you are not just for today but for are for everyday life...

The B.F.R.E.E © workshops are offered throughout the year, but particularly in November and in May, in recognition of the Central Alberta Martial Arts & Wellness Centre's Monthly Personal Development Theme.

If you are an Educator and would like more information on how to offer this Workshop in your school, please feel free to contact us.

The B-FREE Team presented their "playshops" this past November to over 200 combined spectators, respectively - Rimbey /Sylvan Lake.




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