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While the CENTRAL ALBERTA MARTIAL ARTS & WELLNESS CENTRE promotes valuable Life Skills, such as discipline, perseverance and compassion, through the teaching of traditional martial arts. Its programs positively influence children and adults to simply be and do their best and to strive for goals that will better themselves, others and the community as a whole THE CENTRE FOR PEACEFUL LIVING (a division of CAMA) embraces alternative teachings and philosophies as a means to promote personal and societal peace while educating and inspiring children and adults to live a life of Service, Integrity, and Wellness. As a result, community members can access holistic training and experiences that will truly promote well-being, happiness and success.


SPIRIT Mentorship Program (Coming Soon)– is aimed to connect every child with a kind, compassionate and dedicated mentor who will help guide them in helping them unleash their full potential in all areas of their life. The program contains two parts:

a) Spirited Children, Spirited Mentors – this aspect of the program provides valuable resources and hands-on-training to the mentors involved in the program. Mentors can be Youth and Adults wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Mentors can access any of the Centre’s resources and mentor trainers to make every mentoring relationship a positive experience.

b) Our Spirited Mentorship Program will work closely with schools, businesses and the community to coordinate and implement a mentoring program within each community.

Kids partaking in SPIRIT will receive invaluable guidance, education and hands-on experience with the help of a mentor's assistance. Mentors will include not only older “spirited youth," but "admirable adults" as well – such as teachers, parents, and community and business leaders – representing a range positive role models for other children.
Benefits of Mentoring - What Students Will Learn:

The mentoring project will benefit everyone involved. It will
• help children learn new skills from dedicated mentors
• give the mentors a sense of accomplishment and commitment knowing they've helped contribute to a child's future
• help improve the community of all children and youth involved
• Experience a large degree of compassion…the seeds for embracing a peaceful world.

Funding for this program is greatly needed. Through community and corporate sponsorships and support, the program’s launch date is anticipated for September 2011.

HEROES - Humanitarian Projects (coming soon)

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ~ Ghandi

HEROES is an online Community Hub where children and adults can learn about local and international volunteer and humanitarian efforts that they can take part in. These range from partaking in local community cleanups to assisting in orphanages in Nepal. The goal of HEROES is to inspire and educate people about the many service projects that they can partake in order to create change, experience love and compassion, and build life-altering, life-lasting memories.

Inspirational Movies

In February 2011, The Centre for Peaceful Living will offer Inspirational Movie Nights for Children, Youth and Families to attend to learn something new and positive. Each film will carry a life-changing message followed by brief discussion and activities that reinforce the movies’ inspirational message. Popcorn included: $2 per person, $5 for family of 3.

Upcoming Films and Dates:


Craft Days: Crafts that heal the heart and mind

Kid & Family Fun! Drop by the Centre for Friday Evening or Saturday Afternoon Fun. Learn about and partake in many cultural and seasonal crafts and arts that bring joy, happiness and peace such as Mandala Drawings, Japanese Calligraphy and Japanese Flower Arrangements and so much more!

Upcoming Craft Days:


Cultural and Educational Workshops:

There are many paths up the mountain or many ways to find and experience peace; it is in all of us we just simply need to listen and explore the things that move our hearts and spirit. Therefore The Centre for Peaceful Living offers many different events that are meant to open the heart, educate the mind, and move the spirit. Some of these events include:

Mediation Workshops: For Children and Adults. Learn to connect to your breathe including other ways to relax your mind, body and soul. Please check the Centre’s calendar for full details…

Drum Circles: All ages are welcome to attend these inspirational evenings of drumming, singing and simply have fun. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss! Bring your friend, a drum, and an open mind! Held every first Friday of the month @ 7 pm. Please check the Centre’s calendar for full details…

Japanese Tea Ceremonies: Chado (The Way of Tea) embodies four principles – harmony, respect, purity and tranquility, which refer to the relationship between the host and guest, people and nature and season, and feeling within oneself, which can stay beyond the tea ceremony and transfer into our busy lives. Thus, in Chado there is a focus on the beauty in simple natural things and being in harmony with ourselves, others and nature in general. The beautiful and simplistic tradition of Chado can bring feelings of peace and enlightenment. Join us for this unique and educational experience. For Children and Adults. Please check the Centre’s calendar for full details…

Samurai Story - Telling: The virtues of a Samurai are Honor, Integrity, Service and Respect. Through vivid and exciting story-telling, children learn the many important life lessons of the Samurai and how they can become a peaceful warrior (strong spirit yet peaceful ways) in everyday life. Simply drop in with your children to hear and experience these motivational stories and interactions that promote positive change….Please check the Centre’s calendar for full details…

Motivational Seminars & Guest Speakers – Awareness is key to creating change in ourselves and in our world. Learn about the many seminars that help inspire and motivate to create and lead the life we were meant to lead. Specialty Workshops for children, teenagers and adults promise strategies and life-lessons that promote happiness and success. Topics include anything from Health and Fitness to Goal Setting & Goal Achieving to Self Defense & Awareness

…Please check the Centre’s Monthly Events Tab for full calendar…



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