monthly events & Life Skills Themes

Each month, the Dojo celebrates "monthly themes" to encourage students to stretch far beyond their comfort zones and to reach for goals that help perfect their character...both as a martial artist and human being in general.

Please take note of the Dojo's upcoming "monthly themes" for the '10 - '11 season:

September - "Change the World Month". Students learn about how their commitment to the Martial Arts has helped provide food, shelter and education to children in Nepal. During the week of September 22- 27th, students discuss ideas and actions that they can implement to help "Change the World!".

October - "Travel the World Month". During the month of October, students learn about the roots and traditions of many martial arts and their place of origins including Japan, Okinawan Islands, China and the Philippians. Special Seminars including Filipino Martial Arts, Kung Fu, & Qi Gong are offered to celebrate the world of the martial arts!

November - "Bully Awareness Month". During the week of November 15th - 22nd, students partake in a Bully Awareness and Prevention Workshop. The Bully Free Team (a group of elected students whose main responsibility is to help monitor and limit bullying in their schools and beyond) is selected.

December - "Pennies for Push Ups Month". Students collect "pennies" from family members and friends in relation to how many push ups they can do. The donated monies are given to a charity of choice by the students. Collection Drive begins December 1st - 6th. Push Ups to be completed by students will occur the week of December 8th - 13th.

January - " Health Month". Students discuss with guest speakers the importance of physical, mental and emotional health and engage in various group activities that encourage health and well-being. Week of January 19th - 24th.

February - " Act of Kindness Month". During the week of 9th - 14th, students create a list of "kind acts" and are encouraged to complete these "acts of kindness" and then to pass the "kindness" on...

March - "Let the Games Begin Month". To prepare students for the Dojo's upcoming Open Martial Arts Tournament in April (Alberta Bushido Open), students partake in various activities that encourage healthy competition and athleticism. March 1 - March 31st.

April - The Alberta Bushido Open Month". To continue the preparation for the Dojo's annual tournament (April 11th), students learn about proper "sportshumanship", tournament etiquette and mental preparation and focus for success.

May - "Earth Month". During the week of May 4th - 9th, students partake in their annual community clean up in Sylvan Lake and Rimbey.

June - "Power Up! Month". Students partake in the Dojo's 2nd Annual Strength Competition! Kettle bells, Cardio Circuits, Balance, Agility and much more lie ahead for students to test their own personal best! Week of June 15th - 20th.

July - "Summer Fun Month". Students partake in many outdoor karate activities and drills to keep their motivation and dedication at its peak during the warm summer months. Weather permitting.


Karate Date Night is an exciting night of different yet fun karate drills, crafts and games, Karate and Kung Fu movie watching, with lots of popcorn, pizza and sushi for everyone to enjoy! Karate Date Nights are held each month on a Friday evening from 6 - 8 pm. It's a great opportunity for parents to drop off their kids and enjoy a "date night" of their own. Siblings and Friends are also welcome to attend. Take a look at some of the exciting Karate Date Nights to come!

October 2012, TBA "Karate Fright Night". Enjoy a "scary night" of Karate Drills, Lantern Making, and a Haunted House! Sylvan Lake Dojo, 6 - 8 pm.

November 2012 TBA - "Life Laws for Boys and Girls!" - Enjoy an evening or PD day of Samurai Sword Training and the Virtues of a Compassionate Samurai in order to build happy and healthy young boys and girls; ages 6-11, Sylvan Lake Dojo, 10 - 12 pm or 6 - 8 pm.

December 2012, TBA - " Karate Christmas Craft Night!" - Enjoy an evening of Christmas Craft Making and a special Karate Class with Santa Claus! Sylvan Lake (Honbu) Dojo, 6 - 8 pm. 

February 2013, TBA - "Karate Date Night" - Chinese New Year Theme! Learn about and celebrate various Chinese New Year Festivities. Participate in Dragon Dances. Rimbey Dojo, 6 - 8 pm.

March 2013, TBA - Easter Egg Hunt! Celebrate Spring with with a fun Karate Date Night with karate Drills, Movie, Pizza and a challenging Easter Egg Hunt that will require your best ninja and samurai training senses! Sylvan Lake (Honbu) Dojo. 6 - 8 pm.

June 2013, TBA - Karate Beach Night! Join us for a fun night at the Sylvan Lake Beach for Beach Volleyball, Ninja Water Balloon Attacks, Relay Races, Pickled-Egg Eating Contest and Much More! Sylvan Lake Beach, 6 - 8 pm.

July 2013 - "Karate Camp Night!" - Enjoy an imaginary camp night in the Dojo with spooky stories and camp fire games! Bring your sleeping bag! Sylvan Lake Dojo, 6 - 8 pm

Sneak Peak: 2012-2013 UPCOMING EVENTS

To help you maximize your health and overall well-being, take a sneak peek at our upcoming events; to register for any of these events or for more info, please call 403-887-6303:


Rejuvenate over your lunch hour with Tai Chi or Yoga practice that promote balance, deep breathing, relaxation and improved focus to help you leverage the remainder of your day. Sylvan Lake Centre / Dojo. Will resume in Winter Term. Stay posted!

Tai Chi Toonie Thursdays          12:10 - 12:50  pm ~ Seniors (65+) pay only $2; Also open to all adults

Tues. & Thurs. 12:10 – 12:50 pm              Tai Chi & Qi Gong, Meditation             6 week Tai Chi special...only $39! Offer valid until Oct. 15th.

POWER UP! A Wellness Program for Women       Stay tuned!

Learn empowering tools that leverage your awareness, self defense, fitness and mind-body connection with this unique and interactive 6 week program for young girls (ages 13+) and women. Date TBA; Saturday mornings.


Join, Life Coach, Sensei Christine, for an inspiring evening of motivating information and reflective yet practical exercises to help MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE! By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

- identify and apply 10 nutritional strategies for gaining vitality and health.
- understand the significance between Goal Setting and Goal Achieving.
- Identify and apply 15 things you can do TODAY to become more effective, both personally and professionally.
- clearly recognize what is most important to you, & based on these values develop your "Daily Code of Ethics".
- learn 5 essential morning and evening Qi Gong Movements for proper posture, balance, focus & calmness


Learn various strategies and techniques to calm your mind and body. Participants will learn moving and still meditations that will help both the beginner and advanced individual gain a greater sense of tranquility in everyday life. It is easy to feel peaceful when peace is around us, however the trick is to be and feel peaceful when chaos ensues; this workshop will show you how to achieve just that!

Sylvan Lake Centre / Dojo.                New Session Date: TBA



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