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Goju Ryu Karatedo
Serving as the Centre’s Core Curriculum, Goju Ryu Karatedo is said to display the oldest martial arts traditions with a history that can be traced back almost 2000 years. The system is based on a concept that hard and stiff is not good, however all soft and gentle can be equally harmful; rather the two should complement each other.

The combination of the two gives Goju Ryu its beauty, disciplined movements, grace and flowing form. Students learn traditional yet effective street self defense, awareness and other tenets including self-discipline, courtesy and respect and perseverance. As a result, training in this art sets the path for success in all areas of one’s life. In addition, this non-combative approach to safety and well-being is perfect for all ages and backgrounds. And no, you don't have to get in shape first! Trust in the process, knowing that with each class you become stronger! 

Tai Chi & Qi Gong
Is beneficial to one’s health; it is a soft and subtle scientific method of self defense. It offers balanced drills for the body’s muscles and joints through fluid movements in conjunction with deep regulated breathing and contracting and expansion of the diaphragm. Health benefits include lower blood pressure, increased flexibility, improved concentration and a greater sense of vitality and well-being. Kids Tai Chi, Family Tai Chi,  Adult Tai Chi Classes are available. Sample our class with our Fall Special: 6 weeks for only $39

Ninpo (Way of the Ninja)
A high-impact martial art that embodies the way of the Ninja! Training promotes balance, agility, coordination, flexibility and calmness of mind as well as swift ground and standing deflections and escapes. Self Defense, Ground Safety and Katas are all learned in this very exciting martial arts class. Ninpo, in addition to martial skills, is an unique world view, thought and philosophy and esoteric practice. This world view emphasized the defensive nature of Ninpo and the need to have an open mind and compassionate heart. Ages 6+. For families, adults and children. Offered as special seminars and training.

Iaido (Way of the Samurai Sword)
One of the oldest forms of martial arts, Iaido is the teaching of the samurai sword, This beautiful Japanese art embodies patience, discipline, intuition and focus. Training in this art helps the student to develop spirit, awareness and focus in her or her everyday life. Ages 10+. For families, adults and children.

Kobudo (Way of Ancient Weapon) & Kali
Kobudo is a self defense system of Okinawa, using weapons, some of which were developed from the everyday life of farmers, while others were introduced to the Ryu Kyu Islands of Okinawa through trading with the Chinese and Indian cultures. Kali is indigenous to the Philippine islands. It is recognized as a stick fighting system. Many people are unaware of this form of martial art, however the truth of the matter is that Kali has an ancient and rich history with regards to the blade and stick fighting.

Weaponry training is perfect for children ages 10+ and adults. Previous training in other open-hand martial arts is an asset. Students learn coordination and balance and improve overall strength and agility. In addition, they are taught the tenants of courtesy and respect, which is the foundation to all martial arts training.

Women’s Self Defense: Intuitive Living
We live in a dangerous world. In fact, “Alberta has the highest rate of reported family violence in Canada and leads the country in domestic assault, homicide-suicide and stalking”(Stats Canada). But what makes our world even more dangerous is that in many instances, our thoughts, actions and behaviors are on “autopilot”, making us more vulnerable to dangerous situations. Therefore, awareness, intuition and prevention are key to living safely and happily.

Our goal is to empower participants with the resources necessary to recognize and escape from potentially
dangerous situations. A large part of this is providing participants with self-defense tactics that develop their
mental and spiritual facets while heightening their awareness to avoid dangerous situations before they even
happen. In other words, participants will receive self-defense training that focuses on your mind, body and spirit.


An urgent workshop for all girls and women, ages 12+.. Workshops are 3-4 hours and are held 3-4 times throughout the year in Sylvan Lake or Rimbey. Specialty workshops can be designed for Businesses and other Female Groups or Events. Next Workshop:  See Women's Self Defense


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