Alberta bushido open Martial Arts Tournament

The Alberta Bushido Open is an Open Martial Arts Tournament hosted by the Central Alberta Martial Arts & Wellness Centre. This yearly event attracts numerous competitors and spectators from all over the province and beyond to participate in a fun, safe and exciting Tournament. It is a wonderful opportunity for all martial artists to exchange knowledge and experience and to build lasting friendships.

The Tournament is an important event for the Not-For-Profit School since it provides the financial support needed to continue teaching the basic tools for Self Defense and Personal Empowerment. The Tournament's success is based on yearly support from sponsorships from local and global businesses and community members. The next annual Tournament is scheduled for Sat. April 14th, 2012 at the Fox Run School, Sylvan Lake, AB. For more info, and to see a list of our special sponsors, please visit the tournament's website at

"The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants...” ~ Gichin Funakoshi

This past ABO occurred on: Sat. April 14th 2012
trophyFox Run School, Sylvan Lake...The day consisted of :

* Board & Brick Breaking
* Lion Dance * Karate * Kung Fu
* Weapons Sparring * Grappling / Ju Jutsu
* Team Forms & Much More!

brick breakArnis

On Saturday April 14th, 2012 C.A.M.A hosted its 11th annual Open Martial Arts Tournament, ALBERTA BUSHIDO OPEN in Sylvan Lake. Mayor Sue Samson wasn't able to perform her ritual board break this year around, however Sylvan Lake's Councilor Ken MicViar, gave a beautiful opening speech followed by a traditional black belt demonstration.

Although a Martial Arts Tournament can never fully reflect practical self defense, it does serve to bring students together from various martial arts styles and background, to build lasting relationships, and to help students face their fears, build confidence and demonstrate martial art etiquette, respect and spirit.

Spectators and participants also enjoyed a traditional Lion Dance by Teck Guan's Kung Fu Students (Calgary) including other martial arts styles such as Karate, Kung Fu, Arnis, Ju Jutsu, Tae Kwon Do and much more.

The Alberta Bushido Open doesn't emphasis the winning of many trophies or medals but rather the building of confidence and martial art spirit as students as young as 4 years old gather a renewed sense of "humble confidence" from their direct or indirect participation in this friendly and supportive venue. The Centre aims to develop this important character trait among its students, which naturally inspires them to make positive changes within themselves, others and the community  alike.

Thank you to all community sponsors, participants, spectators, parents and volunteers for your ongoing support! The Alberta Bushido Open also serves as an important fundraising effort for the not-for-profit Martial Arts Centre. Please visit and search us on Facebook for more pictures and information.

Thank you to our Sponsors! 

Tao of Health         Wild Pastures Farm       The Teichroeb Family             CD Industrial Group 

McGill Gyori Mortgages Inc.        Zija - Epicure         Human Environmental Group 

Some C.A.M.A students unite for a group photo. Congratulations to Everyone for your Spirit! Sylvan Lake Group




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