"I want to thank you both, not just for the training you have given me, but for the example as a person as well. The strength of character and the perseverance you both personify is a great example...I am left with the firm belief that I could not have done this without you both." ~ Tim B., Rimby Dojo

"...[my son] Noah felt so loved and blessed and said it was the best Karate class ever…every word out of Sensei Dennis' mouth are like pearls of wisdom to Noah and he is in awe of  [both of you].Thank you for being a steadfast role model for my son.

[Sensei] Dennis you are so gifted with these kids…your sense of fun and humor just surrounds these kids with acceptance and love, thank you. And, [Sensei] Christine your kind, warm spirit always draws Noah to you and he feels so safe with you that is also a gift…you always listen to the children, you always care enough to take the time and for this, I thank you. Noah always feels like he is important in your Dojo…I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for all the love, direction, wisdom and kindness you have always shown Noah and me. We love you dearly and will always be grateful for the couple who opened their arms to the" little Samurai” who “could”. He will push on…thank you." ~ Paula M., Sylvan Lake (Honbu Dojo)

"...I appreciate your consistency with doing what is right and not always mainstream...your messages for kids to take home, general life skills which are not so common anymore [and]...your ability to change and incorporate new ideas weekly...

As a parent who thinks differently than most, some of your ideas about treating the earth with respect as well as each other reinforces what we daily try to instill in our own kids...On a personal note, [our family] really enjoys the Dojo and all it represents. Thanks". ~ Dr. Roger G., Sylvan Lake (Honbu Dojo)

"I want to express my deep gratitude for your influence and connection with Easton over the past two years. You have assisted greatly in major life transitions he has experienced...you have helped to create a strong, confident and courageous boy. You have supported this all with a sense of compassion and strong leadership..." ~ Kaley W., Sylvan Lake (Honbu Dojo)

"I am always amazed at the excellent quality of every single thing the Dojo has to offer. Enrolling Joseph in Karate has been a God-send and encompasses us all. I have been down many paths of "self-development" and the martial arts are a jewel...I love to attend each and every [class]. ~ Barbara D., ~ Sylvan Lake (Honbu Dojo).

"Thank you [Life Coach, Sensei Chris] for your guidance and compassion, your insight and intuition, your knowledge and understanding, Thank you for making me a better person, for showing me a better path...I wish you all the best." ~ Harley H., Sylvan Lake (Honbu Dojo).

"Thank you for a great 3 Days [of Summer Camp]! Jace would wake up so happy and so excited to be going to karate class! Thank you for being the happy kind of people you are, and showing us a GREAT experiences with Sylvan Lake! ~ The Unruh Family, BC


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